Tuesday, April 19, 2011

kids kids and more kids per Nancy's request

My friend Matt, says I have a whole sack full of kids. Which for some reason, strikes me as hilarious. I feel like the old woman that lives in a shoe! Anyway, I don't really think of myself as someone thats necessarily good with kids. I love babies. I like little ones pretty well. Pre-teen? Not so much. And then teenagers are cool. When I say 'like' them... meaning like to deal with them. Preteens are just really getting the hang of sarcasm and testing the boundaries of disrespect. Not good when dealing with a control freak adult such as myself. lol Anyway... somehow I have found myself teaching a sunday school class. k-2. I've been told I need to share some of the great stuff they say.

Upon arrival on my first day, it was discovered by a boy in my class that I did NOT bring snacks like the old teacher did. He looked at me, clearly distraught and disappointed and said "This is the WORST Sunday of my ENTIRE life." Really? You're SIX! You haven't had that many Sundays. Don't you think it's a little early to judge!??!?

Then last week... we were discussing how Jesus shows us he loves us and how we can show others that we love them too. One little girl said "When we tell our Mommy and Daddy that we love them, they say "We love you too." The same little boy piped up and said "And when you tell them they're mean. They say "YOU'RE GROUNDED".

Last but not least was a little boy that is SO CUTE. I called him sweetie. He informed me quick, fast and in a hurry that he did NOT want to be called sweetie. I said "oh yeah... what do you want me to call you." He looked at me... cocked his head... winked and said "You can call me.... cooowwwbbbooy."

I have one little girl in my class that is just precious. Until this year, she had been too shy to come to class by herself. Every Sunday she walks up to me with the biggest brown eyes I have ever seen and says "You look very beautiful this morning." While I question her eyesight.... I love her heart. I know as shy as she is... it's not easy for her to walk up to me and say that.

Anyway... hopefully I won't scar these kids too badly because they absolutely MAKE my weeks. Anyone that knows me very well will be MOST surprised to hear that but it's true. They are so open, so honest and so willing to just PUT IT OUT THERE. Something we lose so much of when we "grow up". And that is a shame.

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